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Return To Work Programs for Injured Employees Can Help Small Businesses

Return to Work Programs
A return to work program features work reintegration for injured workers. These programs aim to maintain the dignity and productivity of the employee, while assisting in his or her recuperation.
The provinces set various standards and guidelines for these programs, and provincial bodies such as WSIB impose penalties for businesses that do not provide employees with these types of opportunities. Return to work programs can benefit both employer and employee, since the employer minimizes the financial and human costs of an injury or illness by finding productive work for the injured employee. Workers benefit by staying active and productive. This contributes to their recovery process, as well as restoring their source of income.
Support for Small Business
While large corporations may have human resources staff devoted to dealing with disability claims and injured workers, smaller enterprises often struggle to manage these issues. That's why it can be highly beneficial for small businesses to partner with medical assessment rehabilitation organizations. These medical assessment companies have expertise in the area of disability management, and can help you navigate the process of a return to work situation.
Other Services
Medical assessment companies offer many other services to small business, including preventive health screening programs, clinics, safety workshops and seminars, and Employee Assistance Plans, which allow employees to access immediate counseling for stress-related problems such as drug and alcohol dependency, marital discord, or grief.
Contact a medical assessment company today, and access expertise that will benefit you and your employees.
Ask questions, share knowledge and experience to earn Z points.
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